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Ibogaine is administered orally.

Ibogaine is long lasting - it eliminates the desire to use drugs for a certain time frame

Those most familiar with the treatment will testify, ibogaine is not, in general, a “cure” for drug addiction. In the majority of cases, however, it does eliminate or substantially decrease signs and symptoms of withdrawal and the individual typically emerges some 36 hours later without physical dependence on the drug. “Ibogaine doesn’t eradicate the underlying causes of addiction, which for many people may take years to understand and come to terms with. Ibogaine is more than a detox, but it’s a catalyst, not a ‘cure.”’ Ibogaine creates a “window of opportunity” where the individual can cognitively choose to take back control of his or her life.

References: Donnelly, Jennifer R, "The Need for Ibogaine in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Human anecdotal reports assert that a single administration of ibogaine reduces craving for opiates and cocaine for extended periods of time and reduces opiate withdrawal symptoms (Sheppard 1994; Mash et al., 1998; Alper et al., 1999).

Ibogaine reduces operant self-administration of heroin in rats, as well as naloxone precipitated withdrawal in morphine-dependent rats (Glick et al., 1992; Dworkin et al., 1995).

Ibogaine is administered with treatment professionals to assure the comfort and safety of the patient throughout. The experience

Patient acceptability: The tremendous interest from the addict community in Ibogaine indicates it would be acceptable to the majority of patients.

Ibogaine initially acts as a rapid detoxificant, reducing the toxic effects of the drug of abuse. Its after-effects reduce the reinforcing quality of drugs by eliminating the craving to seek and use drugs.

Abuse potential: Pre-clinical studies indicate that Ibogaine is not a narcotic, nor is it habit forming. As an in-hospital procedure with no take-home doses there appears to be little is any abuse potential.

Ibogaine is effective in the treatment of a broad spectrum of abused substances, including heroin, methadone, cocaine and alcohol. It appears that Ibogaine fits the template of the ideal medication. No other medication in development even approaches meeting this criteria.

References: MEDICAL TRACK MANUAL, Treatment on Demand: Realistic Goal or Impossible Dream? B. Sisko



Ibogaine's acute side include mild ataxia, nausea and dizziness, along with visual and auditory distortions. These side effects last several hours, then abate, and do not recur.

Visionary experience
In Africa, the Bwiti people consume sub toxic amounts of theiboga root bark to allow individuals to experience visions that enable them to gain a deeper connection to their ancestors andthe universeand to be "reborn" into adulthood. In the west when Ibogaine is used to alleviate withdrawal symptoms ibogaine has a potential to produce a waking dream state in which the patient goes through a series of visions that can provide them with the causes of their addiction and find meaning to their life.

Ataxia consists of in voluntary coordination of muscle movements. Ataxia is also a side effect of ibogaine and is sometimes accompanied by muscle tremors. Alper notes that patients receiving their initial dose of ibogaine were encouraged to lie still in a quiet, darkened room. Ataxia associated with ibogaine use can last for several hours after you slowly regain your equilibrium.

Along with ataxia and muscle tremors, nausea is one of the most common side effects of taking ibogaine although in our practise and study we found that less than 5% actually vomit>

Psychological issues
Ibogaine is a very potent psychoactive plant therefore people with any kind of psychiatric or psychological issues should under no circumstances ingest ibogaine. Since it acts on so many neuro ‑ receptors people with psychiatric issues are susceptible to suffer a negative reaction which might cause more harm than benefit. People with non- pre-existing psychiatric conditions should be forewarned that ibogaines psychotropic effects on the psyche have not been conclusively studied therefore there is always a potential of negative consequences.

"Lowered tolerance to opiates after an ibogaine experience"

-Please remember that after your ibogaine treatment your opiate tolerance has been drastically reduced. Using the same amount of opiates as before the treatment is very dangerous and most likely will result in an over-dose.


Pre-Treatment Information

Prior to ibogaine treatment the patient is expected to be in as healthy a condition as possible and to have complied with the inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Prior to your treatment your diet needs to switch to easily digestible foods such as salads, yogurt and anything else that will aid in detox. Remember to avoid heavy, starchy foods and meat. It is important to drink as much water as possible and to avoid any sodas or artificial flavoured gassy drinks and processed foods.

The day before treatment you need to stick to eating only yogurts, salads, smoothies etc. No solid foods and drink plenty of water. It is important to start fasting about 12 hours before treatment although yogurt can be eaten but no sooner than 6 hours before treatment. Regarding yogurt; try and get live cultures and avoid colorants and sugar if possible.

Ibogaine should be taken on an empty stomach and hydration should stop a few hours before.

It is important to list any medication that you are on beforehand and if possible that all medicines are interrupted as some medications like anti-depressants interfere with the liver enzyme that metabolises ibogaine. NO GRAPEFRUIT JUICE!

Please take note of when your last intake of drugs should be. With opiates ibogaine should be taken no sooner than 10 hours before hand. Under no circumstances should this be taken lightly as it can lead to complication and a very uncomfortable experience. In fact the longer you leave the time in-between your last dose and your treatment the better it will work for you and the less uncomfortable you will be on the second day. On no circumstances should any drugs be used during or after ibogaine as it can lead to complications.

Supplements: Before and after treatment it is advised to take calcium and magnesium supplements; not only is it good for the heart but also the nervous system and helps the body to relax and to get back to a healthy sleeping pattern. Valerian tincture is given during treatment in place of Benzodiazepines like Valium; this can be taken after ibogaine or a mild sleeping medication can be prescribed by your GP. By the third day you will start to get your sleeping pattern back and after a week it will slowly return to normal.

Aftercare: It is important to have some form of structure in place in terms of aftercare; it would be foolish to resume where you were before treatment if you desire to break negative behaviour patterns. Eat as healthily as possible and avoid processed and artificial food substances. Drink at least two litres of water a day; this will help to flush out toxins; try to invest in an exercise program. What you put in is what you are going to get out and ibogaine is not going to do these things for you. You will benefit greatly if you change to a healthier lifestyle and include some form of meditation or prayer. Keep a journal; see a therapist; join a self-help or support group but do something that will help you process whatever issues arise after taking ibogaine.

We understand from personal experience that getting clean is only the first part on the road to recovery. It takes great effort, iron will power and tons of discipline to stay focused and not revert to the old patterns of thinking and acting. The aftercare period is extremely important and should be evaluated very prudently before and after the treatment. From personal experience we have found that booster doses help people in staying focused and aid them in overcoming cravings and triggers. We do not sell ibogaine hcl or any of its derivatives however there are many reputable sources online where one can purchase them to stay clean.

Keep in touch: Not only is it beneficial for me to collect post treatment information but it is of benefit to you to have someone to talk to about what you are feeling or going through; remember it’s a lot better to talk out a crisis situation than to act on it and its helpful to talk to someone who has been through what you have. Remember every situation is workable and there are many opportunities in avoiding relapse; talking about it is one of them. Just be honest and a solution can be found to the problem other than reverting to old behaviour patterns. I will be here for you as long as necessary at no extra cost but it’s up to you to take advantage of that. Everything will remain 100% confidential.

What you need to bring

Pack lightly. Bring comfortable, loose fitting clothing to do the treatment in, and an extra change of clothes just in case there is any sweating. Toiletries are needed although the basics are provided. No cell phones during treatments. Everything you bring will be handed over to the nurse on your arrival and if there is something you need she will give it to you. You are also to take a shower before treatment. (erase the highlighted text) We reserve the right to check your luggage though we should not need to. If you have any special dietary requests please inform us beforehand.

Lastly I would suggest that you don’t drive directly after treatment and arrange for someone to drop you off and pick you up after. We provide transportation to and from the airport.

Make sure you have all the information you need and are aware of the process and have studied as much regarding ibogaine as possible before hand. Try to be as relaxed and positive as you can before. Remember ibogaine is a catalyst for change and unless you follow through there is a strong possibility you will repeat the same behavioural patterns; in which case you only have yourself to blame and not the treatment. We hope your stay will be as comfortable as possible and please ask if there is anything we can assist with


Other forms of Treatment Currently available that are licensed by Health Canada.

Pharmatherapeutic treatment modalities currently employed in the treatment of narcotic addiction include Methadone, LAAM, Naloxone, and buprenorphine. There is currently no medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of cocaine dependency.

Acupuncture is available as a treatment option for both heroin and cocaine dependent persons. Talk therapy is a widely employed treatment technique both in groups like Narcotics Anonymous (NA), as well as individual counseling with psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and psychologists. Sessions run by recovered addicts working in the field abound. Also available are in-patient detoxification programs, out-patient rehabilitation programs, and a wide variety of residential therapeutic communities that keep patients for months and, in some cases, years.

References: Treatment on Demand: Realistic Goal or Impossible Dream? B. Sisko


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Just a few short years ago our son Steven was in a desparate situation. Having developed an addiction to oxycodone and being let go from his job he came to us in tears. We had no idea that he had this addiction until he was crashing because he had no money to support it. After giving him some money for a short suppy of oxy off the street, we assisted in getting him off the oxy's by getting him to his family doctor, who gave him a script for oxy until he could get into the Methodone program.


The Methodone was a nightmare of it's own. Instead of the oxy's off the street, he was just feeding his addiction daily at the methodone clinic and it was no better. After almost 2 years in the methodone program, Steven was not doing well at all. He was sleeping 18 hours a day and severly depressed. He approached us with information about ibogaine. We were relunctant but were desparate ourselves to help him beat his opiate addiction once and for all, so I myself drove him down to the Toronto Ibogaine Centre.


It worked!!. He was off the Methodone and has been ever since.It's now been 2 years. He is now a new person and is ...

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Testimonial from -Meleana from Alabama

Hello my name is Meleana and I am writing this in behalf of my brother-in-law Josh. Josh had been addicted for years to methamphetamine/crystal meth and was going down a very dark road when on a Sunday afternoon watching tv I stumbled upon a short documentary about IBOGAINE. I was completely amazed at what this bark from a root in Africa was doing for addicts. After researching IBOGAINE myself on the Internet for several days, my family and I brought the treatment up to Josh to see if he was willing to go and give IBOGAINE a shot? We thought, "what could it hurt?" Being that on a daily basis he was putting dangerous chemicals into his body by smoking meth! So we filled out the intake form from the Toronto Ibogaine center and sent it, within a day I received a call from Matt. And I just want to make a point to say that Matt is awesome!! Our family will forever be grateful. Needless to say an appointment was set and Josh was off to Toronto, Canada. Matt went above and beyond to keep in contact with us back home in Alabama. I received emails almost hourly when Josh arrived to update us back home on how Josh was doing before, during and after the treatment. Josh said his experience was very ...

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Freedom is never free

Freedom is never free. If u are looking at this website, more than likely u are looking and searching for freedom. Ibogaine is unlike any remedy i have ever found from opiate addiction. There are many programs or rehabs out there but ibogaine stands alone in a class all by itself. I was addicted to methadone, oxycontin as well as other opiates. Most addicts fear the withdrawals, but with ibogaine the withdrawals are nearly non existent. The greatest thing i found with ibogaine is that it literally clears your mind. Over time with opiate addiction your brain becomes covered with clouds and dulls your senses. Ibogaine gives u that breath of fresh air where u can feel and think again. Today the greatest high for me is a clear mind. I almost lost everything with my addiction, but ibogaine was the doorway to the freedom i was so desparately seeking. Here's what u will get if u decide to do your treatment at Toronto ibogaine center. U will have people there who really care and support u. Matt felt like a brother to me. The service and hospitality is second to none. To truly heal u also need an atmosphere where u feel comfortable and free of stress. A place where u go where u do not feel judged or looked down upon. To ...

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I contacted Mat Zielinski while helping my daughter to withdraw from Methadone. The service she received was exceptional. Mat made him self available for unlimited amount of consultations, during which my daughter learned how to properly prepare for Ibogaine detoxification. The intake process was very thorough and honest to avoid any potential health risks due to pre-existing health conditions. The money was not in the way of getting into treatment! Her case has been one of the most difficult. With concurrent disorder, poly substance abuse problem (opiates and benzodiazepines) and eating disorder my daughter’s recovery was more challenging than one can imagine. After the Ibogaone treatment she struggled with diarrhea, lack of appetite and insomnia for a few weeks. Mat was always there to hear our concerns and give the best possible advice to deal with all of these not very common issues. From the time perspective I see that there were many benefits of this treatment. It definitely broke the addiction pattern! My daughter even stopped drinking coffee, consuming sugary food and almost stopped smoking cigarettes. She did not experience cravings for more then two weeks. However returning to the same environment from “before Ibogaine”, facing consequences of addictive behavior with the sober mind and fragile neurotransmitters profile she could not sustain her sobriety for much longer. Even though she has relapsed, ...

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Post recovery care from caregiver

I watched a dear friend who thought and BELIEVED he was "Highly Functional". Unfortunately, they don't always see 20/20 like we do, as a full time nurse I knew my friend wasn't having fun any more! 6-8 or more oxy daily, cocaine like it was candy and whatever else he may not have told me. I was so happy he chose Matt and Diana. First, I knew it had to b his choice to quit!! I would do what ever was needed to help. When we dropped him off he was a fucking mess, sorry bout the grammar but he was!! When he left Toronto ibogaine Ctr. I knew he was different? New, revived. Looked worn out! But fresh... He said he had ZERO CRAVINGS ZERO WITHDRAWALS! I'm talking about a man who would want to "party" to celebrate that Xmas was coming in 21 days! Lol. All day was party day to him. It just took him awhile to learn party's over! As I nurse I see addicts and overdoses all too much. I see and BELIEVE in ibogaine, Matt & Diana! I've been nursing him the past week and he's been getting better each and every day. Constipation, cramping, low energy were his post therapy symptoms. BUT, it's a VERY little price to pay ...

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How to thank someone who has saved your life?

I guess I've always been a "high functioning addict", in my mind...  Father, business owner, socialite. Opiates, cocaine were my way of life, daily day in day out for 3 years straight. Time to grow up!  Be the father I CAN be, expand my business and get away from the ball and chain we all know too well how our life starts to revolve around the drugs. After contacting Matt and Diana I immediately knew how Matt understood where I was coming from. Ibogaine saved my life!  Within 24hrs my cravings and withdrawals were gone. COMPLETELY!  My daily day started with a couple lines just to start my day!  And to not have that feeling anymore, yet along with no W/D's. WOW!!  I must say, treatment worked ONLY in conjunction with Matt and Diana!!  It's all their personal experience and knowledge which has made me the drug free man I am now!  They are a genuinely beautiful couple I hope to be able to call friends!  Don't doubt Toronto Ibogaine Ctr. IF YOUR READY TO FREE YOURSELF!!  See Matt and Diana. I'm living proof, and thank them from the bottom of my heart!!  Their knowledge and experience ...

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To all the addicted people out there who are struggling to get off your dope I highly recommend treatment with Matt who uses Ibogaine.

I was hurt at work in 2002 had surgery and started my life on pain killers, I had used up my supply on a couple of occasions and went into withdrawal, not a pleasant experience at all, vomiting, diarrhea leg cramps and just pure hell. Needless to say I got a hold of the Dr. and he gave me more pills, my personal drug dealer!

My whole life revolved around when I would take them and how long they would last, my life was passing very quickly and my only focus was the drugs.

I did some research online and found out about Ibogaine, I spoke with Matt on the phone a few times before signing up, Matt is very personal, professional and compassionate. I stopped taking the meds. on Friday morning, headed for Matt's place Saturday morning and waited for the withdrawals to start. If I would have been at home I am sure I would have been deathly ill, but at Matt's place it didn't happen like that, we waited and waited and finally my stomach started and Matt gave me a test dose, I fell asleep to awaken about four hours later! I had no visions just a very restful ...

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Jeremy from Ohio

For me it all started with pain pills, but with the higher my tolerance level got, obviously so did the cost of my habit! Eventually, it had gotten too expensive to be able to afford. Then I graduated in the awful life of addiction, to heroin. It was much easier for me to consistently get ahold of, and compared to pain pills was quite a bit cheaper. Even though throughout my entire life I never thought id ever let myself take it to that level, shortly after I first gave into trying heroin, it was over! From that moment on my life was no longer in my own control. For anyone who has been through it knows what I'm talking about, but heroin, and most importantly your next "fix" become so consuming that it basically takes over your life and anything and everything that could possibly get in your way. I knew for awhile the life I was living wasn't for me, and it absolutely went against everything I stood for as what I once thought of myself as a strong individual. But the control heroin has over you is something fierce, I don't care who you are or how much you think it couldn't happen to you! After getting your first taste of the withdraw from not getting that "fix" you end up depending on with your life, the fear of never having to go through it again consumes everything you do ...

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Ibogaine for heroin addiction

Before I went through my ibogaine treatment every minute of my life was a disaster.As a teenager I wasn't able to deal with the every day challenges , reality was just to hard to deal with , depression took control over my life and this is how I began my journey on a road that led me to a uncontrollable addiction.I started using heroin in my early teenage years not knowing that this path that I have chosen it's a path to death. I felt that I found something that gives me joy , love and suddenly those every day challenges didn't seem to be a challenge anymore until one day I couldn't afford to get a fix and that was the moment when I knew I was in a big trouble. Slowly every day got harder, I couldn't afford to get my daily dope so I ended up selling my body just so I can follow up with my habit and not having to go through any withdraws.But making a long story short , I've heard about ibogaine about 2 years ago but I was so skeptical that I didn't want to look into it.I've tried cold turkey a couple of times but I couldn't go for more than 3 days, and this is when I started researching ibogaine, a psychoactive ...

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Before i'd heard of Ibogaine I'd been on oxycontin for the better part of a decade for ruptured discs. The more I was prescribed the less it worked and i was spending thousands of dollars a month on top of the 400mg a day prescribed just to be able to work. I'd researched all the other detox options and none were feasable, or available in canada so when I heard of Ibogaine, as well as being skeptical I was hopefull. After Ibogaine I can't believe I hadn't heard of it sooner. And i can't believe it isn't offered everywhere. This is the real deal. REAL DEAL. The only thing as impressive was Matt himself. Within 5 mins of sitting down with him I felt like brothers. I would trust him with my kids in a heartbeat. He took great care of me and if not my life, saved my family and our financial future at the very least. When I showed up I was 15 hours sick and not in great shape to say the least. Within 15 mins of taking Ibogaine i was feeling no pain. As soon as it hit my system the pain and all associated unpleasantness melted right away. This was when I really could not believe every addiction program in the world is not buying this stuff by the ton. And then the ride started. This stuff takes you on quite a trip through your head ...

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If you are seeking Ibogaine treatment (be it for rapid addiction recovery or psycho spiritual enlightenment) you should read my following testimonial.


My first treatment (with a prominent provider) went very well and out of respect for such I will not mention a name. I was however not fully prepared to change my habits and later relapsed. Seeking a second treatment I (most fortunately) contacted Toronto Ibogaine Centre and spoke to Matt. What initially impressed me about this man was his intense focus regarding my situation. He listened to my every word and asked nothing but pertinent questions. Having only spoken via telephone I saw this man as a person that really seems to know his stuff, and I was right. I arranged a treatment date and Matt promptly picked me up upon my arrival in Toronto. In conclusion I just want to say that Matt is a true to life sincere, dedicated, likeable, knowledgeable, "down to earth guy" that puts 110% into your treatment and is fully dedicated to your comfort, success, and satisfaction. Matts' knowledge comes from both extensive research and his own personal experience. As I've told Matt and I'll tell you "I wished I'd contacted him the first time around"

Sincerely to ...

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I went to canada with my significant other after a month long conversations with Matt over the phone! He was very comfoting and usppotive while I was still using and getting ready for my first treatment! After a month a drove over the borderstill very high, and after a 10 hour drive, found myself surrounded by a beautiful nature, where Native Americans used to hang hubndreds of years ago! Matt's house is located right in the middle of the forest with treees, ponds and animals all around! The setting is perfect for mind and the energy in that place is very strong! Upon my arrival I was greeted by a sweet= sweet guy and his wonderful girl! I felt at home right away and my significant other felt the same, therefore leaving me to Matt for the next 4 days!! AFter few hours of my arrival I started to go into a withdrawl and MAtt knew when is the perfect time to administer the first test dose. I told Matt about my previous experiniences with psychedliks and huge amount of lSD taken in my teenage years. I also informed him about medical issues which I have so Matt was very careful about administring ibogaine to me. To be honest I have not felt anything after the test dose, as I was laying in a warm bed in the guest room, so MAtt gave me four more doses over the next 12 ...

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They say there comes a time in every addicts using career that eventually they either get busy living or get busy dying. My story here begins well after I had long been busy dying, both physically and spiritually/mentally. This is the story of the day I stopped dying both inside and out and decided to choose life instead.

"This is it man. I'm at the end of my rope, I'm totally out of options, looks like it's game over for me." I said to my friend, who for all intents and purposes we shall simply call "Little A," or "A" for short.

"You seem to be at the end of your rope a lot these days, bro. How many O.D.'s was this one?" he asked.

I thought intensly for several moments. "You mean from Heroin, or other drugs also?" I asked rather defeatedly. Shame was written all across my face.

"All together." he asked rather bluntly, no tact or restraint being required at that point in my  life.

I shut my eyes & thought hard, counting quietly on my hands as I recalled the numerous "mistakes" that had nearly taken my life on numerous occasions.

"Five or six I think," I said it like everybody is found unconcious in barely clinging to life at one point or another. "Depends on what you consider an O.D. though. Should I count the ...

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George Testimonial

Pre-ibogaine: I was a junky. It took me a while to admit that to myself because I thought for a while I had control but that disappeared after no more than a half a year habit that started with poppy pods and snorting heroin. I still had some life in me, some smile, some spirit, fast forward app. 2 1/2 years later, I sold my soul, sold all my musical equipment, sold my parent's jewelry, my body, my face has withered away as I was a bodybuilder before hand, and hope was virtually non-existent. Disillusioned with my spirit at this point and distilled with hate and fear of misery and suffering because once you go through withdrawal enough times and being a junky there are plenty of situations where you are either short of cash, trying to quit yourself, etc but you will experience PAIN. Not aches and a headache, soul crushing, mind fucking pain. Yea they say, oh it's only 2-3 days at it's worst and you should be ok, why don't you just quit? 2-3 for the regular person is 2-3 days...2-3 days of withdrawal for the addict is 2-3 years. So let's add time bending to soul crushing pain. I was a good person but all that withdrawal, all that desire to escape ...

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To those who are considering Ibogaine treatment at the Toronto Ibogaine Center

It was April of 2010 I hit bottom. My life had become unmanageable due to a terrible addiction to Oxycontin.Even though it was Dr prescribed after a serious accident I found myself unable to stop on my own.I tried cold turkey ,tapering,several times i tried but always failed.

It was around this time I stumbled unto Ibogaine. It changed my life.The first thing you should know about Ibogaine is that every thing you have read about it,the miracles, how it has worked wonders for so many is all true ,at least for me it truly was like a gift from God.

After doing a great deal of research I chose to do my treatment with Matt at the Toronto Ibogaine Centre. I was met at the front door with open arms a big smile and an attitude that said" don't worry every thing is going to be ok" and it was.I was treated like a guest. Matt went over what I could expect on my journey and stayed by my side the entire time.There was never a time when i didn't feel cared for.The true miracle for me was was what I did not feel....withdrawals I did not go through a single second of withdrawal,I am not exaggerating I was not sick for even a second.After leaving I felt freedom for the first time in 5 years.

I wont bore you with the details of my visions during ...

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Tony L from Indianapolis, IN

Tony L from Indianapolis, IN

Before i did ibogaine at matts treatment center i was never happy and thought that opiates would remain a part of my life until i died or went prison. I have been in multiple intensive rehabs and halfway houses, even a 70 day intensive rehab center but always had the desire to use. There was always a little voice in the back of my head that told me to get high and nothing could stop it. I was tired of being depressed, ending up in the hospital from overdoses wishing i would have just died. Ibogaine didnt just get wrid of my withdraws but it got wrid of my depression and the little voice in my head that made me want to use. I havent had any cravings or even the little voice in my head since i used ibogaine in the beginning of may 2011.

Matt made this experience better then i could have imagined. He creates a soothing and positive atmosphere and makes the experience better then i thought possible. Their house is surrounded by wilderness and beautiful trees. It isnt a hospital setting like i expected. Afterwords i could not have imagined doing this in a hospital, it would have been extremely uncomfortable with ibogaines psycadelic properties. Matt ...

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Testimonial of Dan

When I first heard of Ibogaine I was skeptical. I did lots of research on it and still felt skeptical. I was even skeptical about ibogaine up until the day that I had my treatment.
When the day came for my ibogaine treatment with Matt, I was very nervous. Matt assured me that this was normal and told me not to worry, as he would be helping me through and for the entire duration of the treatment.

I was ready.
I took the ibogaine and completely surrendered myself for the next few hours of intensive internal therapy.

Many reports of peoples ibogaine experiences have claimed bad trips, scary, or overwhelming to say the least. Personally, although it was intense, I had a great time!
It was a lot of fun, exciting, eye opening, revealing - and very therapeutic. Matt was extremely helpful the entire time and did a great job of guiding me through the experience.

Ibogaine not only removed the horrible physical withdrawals of heroin as Matt promised, but also "re-arranged" and "re-wired my brain to take out the mental cravings for the drug.

Out of all the previous rehab centers and treatment therapies I have been through for heroin addiction, Ibogaine was the first treatment that had actually worked! It's a miracle to say the least, and I am not skeptical about it anymore.


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Grateful mommy : )

My story is a bit different than other ones. I have not tried ibogaine but now feel I have more knowledge about this plant from Africa than I ever dreamed.
I am the mother of an opiate addict. Oxycontin was his drug of choice, the drug which changed my life so drastically. My son was on his high school golf team that won the state championship his senior year and then went on to college in Miami on a golf scholarship. He is 6'5", good looking and appeared to have it all. Then one day I get a call from the school officials that a concerned teacher saw this student, my son, lose 25 pounds the past few months and basically look like death. That was 3 years and several thousand dollars ago. Money invested into the U.S. rehab system which publishes success rates of 3% which I'm smart enough to know is not a wise investment but at the time I had no other answer.

Then one day I'm getting a massage from a therapist born in central America. I was talking candidly about my dilemma and he stated abruptly, "Take your son out of those worthless rehabs, take him to another country, and get him ibogaine." I was like..Ibo what? immediately I ran ...

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Before Ibogaine I considered my life to be a dead end... I had been fighting with opiate addiction(heroin & oxycontin) for 7 years... I'd been in & out of re-habs.. had perooids of sobriety but truley felt like something was missing. the drug had taken something away from me which I couldn't quite put my finger on... the last 2 years I spent on methadone, and for all of you that know or have been on methadone. you know that you just dont come off methadone with out months & months & months borderline years of pain. At that point my mind had deteriorated to the point of depression, suicidal thoughts, and basicaly I could not function like a normal human being anymore. I knew this was not me.. I couldn't go out like that. I spent lots of time on the internet researching and stumbled apon this plant called Ibogaine.. I was extremley intrigued just knowing that this plant could "reset" my opiod receptors.. I did more & more research and then got in touch with Matt... the guy had been in my shoes I could tell by the way he talks but there was something different. His spirits were very high & he knew that there is a way out. Finally after many conversations with Matt, many questions... I decided to do it, after all I was on my last limb. I a little scared by the whole process but as ...

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Ibogaine Works!

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering, perhaps skeptically, if the treatment works? In short, it most certainly does!

I was what you would call a 'functioning alcoholic'. Really 'barely-functioning' would of been a better description. I grew up in a culture where drinking was the norm. Even though I have a respectable and professional job, I would sometimes drink anywhere from 6 to 12 beers a night, and on weekends sometimes even more. This was over a 20 year period, and every year it was getting worse. Among other problems, I had gotten 2 DUIs, and managed to total a car, in which I was VERY lucky not to have killed myself or anyone else.

At 38, I knew I needed to get my life on track. I had gone past the denial phase, tried AA, therapy and had quit cold turkey for over 6 months. But I ended up drinking again. I felt that the drinking addiction was part of a 'bigger picture' for me, and that my problem was 'spiritual', but the drinking addiction had got me so lost, that I was not able to deal with this 'bigger picture'.

I came across Ibogaine after my wife saw it on Law and Order on TV. She could not believe it was real, so she researched it online, and forwarded the information to me. I was sort of skeptical, but open minded. A day after that I chanced upon a researcher ...

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My Iboagaine Experience

If you’re expecting some spirit journey, stop reading: This is about getting clean.

I’m a junkie, and to me being a junkie means suffering. Suffering brought on by years of shooting junk, 4 years on Methadone and another 4 years of eating, drinking , smoking anything that would kill the pain qualify me. I started shooting dope after 1000+ lsd trips and way too much methamphetamine use left me feeling depersonalized and suicidal. I self medicated with H and it was love at first shot. The culmination was finally getting locked up and then kicking methadone, I’d had enough and decided that rather than go back to the junkie life I’d just as soon put a bullet in my head.

Flash forward , 30 years of sobriety and I find out of all things; I have CANCER brought on by a virus…After a horrific and very painful treatment protocol I’m strung out on OP’s and back to my old junkie self, off and running, working 4 different doctors and copping whatever I could on the streets of the South Bronx and Harlem. My doctor said “just stop” yeah asshole…you just stop, he did not have a clue as to who I really am.

This time around however I did not choose to wake ...

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Ibogaine therapy alcohol abuse

When I reserved my session at Toronto Ibogaine Center I knew only one thing, I wanted to stop drinking. I had tried before, but will power wasn't enough and the twelve step program just didn't make sense to me. As I approached their location, I became increasingly nervous and apprehensive. Thoughts like,what if this is just a ripoff or what if the place is filthy and creepy entered my mind. All of these feelings dissipated upon minutes of my arrival. I was greeted by Matt who is a clean cut, nice looking man with a boyish sparkle in his eyes and a big smile on his face. First he showed me where I would be staying (it was immaculate!) then he explained everything to me in great detail and reassured my every doubt...he had total confidence. Then I met Michelle, what a lovely spirit... intelligent, witty, charming and an excellent conversationalist!

My ibogaine experience was exceptional, and when I was able to be up and around Matt and Michelle were intensely interested in my experience and offered helpful insights as to the possible meanings of my visionary experience. They were sincere, caring and positive. They entertained every question I asked, even deeply personal questions! I felt a connection to these two that is hard to describe.

I would recommend Toronto Ibogaine Center to anyone who has a sincere desire to kick substance ...

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Ibogaine for methadone addiction

I was addicted to oxycontin in 2006 for more than a year. I was taking between 3 to 6 80 mg pills per day. I tried several times to quit including being sent away to detox for which seem to work but had bad urges when I got home. My family doctor finally recommended the methadone maintenance program. I started the program in 2007 where it initially worked wonders as I had no urges and could go on with my life. The problem was trying to get off this shit. There were 80 year old people there that have been on this forever and I refused to let that be me. Sounds like the wonder drug at first where they just wean you off after a year and everything is perfect. Wow what a joke. I was on methadone for almost 4 years where I was as high as 70 mg and as low as 8 mg. This stuff is pretty well impossible to get off as I was going up and down like a yo-yo just to feel normal. Withdrawal is unbearable. Finally I was looking on the internet to try a kick this for once and for all. I came across The Toronto Ibogaine Centre. I called and was ...

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Ibogaine therapy for methadone addiction

I would definitely recommend for anybody with addiction concerns and especially opiate addiction to take a close look at Ibogaine and at the Toronto Ibogaine Centre for its administration. My treatment went very well – a peaceful setting, a laid-back atmosphere and professional expertise around me. Matthew and his staff were terrific at making me comfortable throughout the treatment and setting out a personalized aftercare program for me.

Above all, I am very happy with the results I got from the treatment. Ibogaine really works!

Bob ...

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Ibogaine therapy for drug and alcohol abuse

What brought me to the Toronto Ibogaine Centre is a lifetime of alcohol and drug abuse culminating in a deep spiritual emptiness. By the time I started looking for ways to fix the train wreck I called my life, I think I realized that substance abuse was really just a symptom of the problem. There was something missing and I was searching for the remedy, in error, in alcohol and drugs. Whether being a 'functional' substance abuser was beneficial or not is a matter of opinion. I didn't do any lengthy jail time or go to detox centers but I did put my family through hell for many years. Any way you cut it, this was no kind of life.

I had quit drinking and drugging for almost 10 years cold turkey during which time I met my wife and started a family. Life got the better of me shortly after year 9 and it was like I had never quit. After a year or so more of substance hell I decided to give AA a try. It seemed to help for a couple of years but again, life came rushing back at me head on. I think I actually had more success and felt more at peace when I stopped using on my own than in a 12 step program. No guilt trips ...

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Ibogaine treatment for Ocd

I am not a drug addict. I am an open minded person with great interest in natural remedies. I have heard a lot about Ibogaine treatments, known to successfully treat people with drug addiction. I also heard that it can help with any destructive compulsive behaviour. I live in the US where Ibogaine is illegal so my curiosity took me to online forum discussions where I met Matt from Toronto Ibogaine Centre. Matt comes across as an expert in the field and after weeks of our online interaction, I felt reassured to try it.

My ibogaine treatment was a great success. I have suffered my whole life from compulsive eating and other destructive behaviours and Ibogaine help me break that pattern. For the first time in my life I could differentiate from the good and the bad. It was very uncanny to have this sense of peace wash over me.

There are no words to describe the extraordinary experience, one in a life-time experiences. It is not an illusion. You are 100% fully conscious on what is happening in your visions-vivid images, places, people, things, colors, you name it. Constantly traveling from one place to another. Wow! What a spiritual experience-Matt, thank you very much for the wonderful experience and your warm ...

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Ibogaine therapy for heroin addiction

I was hooked on heroin and oxycontin for about 2 and a half years. I began to research ibogaine and some of the scientific studies made sense so I decided to do it. I was very ill when I got my test dose. By that time I haven’t done any opiates for around 30 hours. I was in full withdrawal with the usual symptoms such as vomiting, the shakes and the rest. I would say within 10-15 minutes I could tell something was happening as my nose stop running and that gnawing feeling in my body completely disappeared. After I got my full dose I forgot about the pain of withdrawal as I had to concentrate on the feeling ibogaine gives you. It takes so much control over you, you have no choice but forget about the withdrawal. The experience was incredible but very draining. One needs to be very well rested before, and even though Matt insisted on it, I didn’t follow his advice. I enjoyed the laid back fashion the whole treatment was provided in. No stress and no worry, I was fully taken care off. Its good to see good people doing great service!!

Jennifer ...

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Ibogaine therapy for heroin addiction

I am a 45 year old junkie addicted to heroin for 25 years. I researched ibogaine and found it to be a good solution. Matt was a huge help right from the start and I trusted him to administer the ibogaine to me. The aftercare was very well thought out. Medication and Iv solution was on hand to help with the residual withdrawal. I had to take more ibogaine on the third day (which was hard to do) but it beats being dope sick. It does work for heroin withdrawal but its still not an easy ride. You definitely need to be mentally ready!

Chris ...

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Ibogaine therapy to expand awareness

I was very satisfied with my whole experience in T.I.C. It was priceless. I had a chance to experience the power of very extraordinary plant and meet very interesting and inspiring people who guided me throughout the whole process. The visionary experience was very dramatic and spectacular for me – I’ve never imagined it is possible for my mind to travel that far. The evolutionary psychological benefits are miles ahead of any other therapy available. The issues that I was dealing with before are gone and make me laugh now – they seem so minimalistic and pretty much a waste of time to dwell on. I am highly recommending T.I.C. treatment to every one for its enlightening, transforming and healing benefits.

James Parker ...

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